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Portable Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode

The portable cupric sulfate reference electrode is widely used in the cathodic protections of the buried pipe line, ground storage tank and other metal constructions because of its convenient carrying and measure.
How to use:
1、Open the end cap, and pours the cupric sulfate crystal into the electrode body.
2、Then pour into the right amount of distilled water or pure water, making the cupric sulfate crystal to dissolve and form the saturated sulfuric acid copper solutions. The sign of saturation if there always exist crystal in the electrode tube. It can measure the electric potential after screwing tightly.
3、When measuring the electric potential, the electrode body is inserted into the dielectric medium (water or soil), for soil, it only needs to contact the soil. Try to approach the pipeline to reduce the influence of the tube electric potential as far as possible during measurement. During electric potential measurement, an end of the multi-purpose outstanding pen is connected to the reference electrode lead-out wire; the other end connects the testing line or test terminal.


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