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inactive magnesium powder

The inactive magnesium powder is used for removing sulphur and oxygen in the production process of high-quality steel material. Its burning time is not smaller than 15 second in 1000-1100℃ iron water. It removes the sulphur less than 0.001% to increase the steel material quality, and it’s irreplaceable. It is used in producing of nodular cast iron, replacing the iron-silicon-magnesium middle metal alloy as nodulizer.
It is used in the oil industry to recover and accelerate the pressure drilling and the penetration rate of the oil well.
In the chemical and military industries, widely used as effective dehydrating agent and flame retardant. At the same time, it’s also good materials for magnesium alloy powder.
Chemistry composition: The inactive ex- magnesium containing the deal is smaller 99.5%, Inactive magnesium containing the deal is not smaller 92% after turning.
Specification In common: 10-80 eyes (2~0.18 mms). ( also according to the customer request)
Product shape: Sphere.
Color: Silver grey color or grey color.
Loose packing density: 0.75~1.0 g/ cm .
Ignition point: No smaller than 600 ℃ .
Inflaming retarding time: when 1000℃s, no smaller than 15 second.

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